Kokoro serves quick, delicious, healthy Japanese food.

Great Service

We provide a level of service for which the Japanese people are well known.
Whether you use the drive-thru, get something to go, order a party tray, or dine in at one of our locations with your whole family, you can expect a full service experience at a price that no one can beat.

In a Rush?

If you are short on time for lunch and need to get in and get out, just let us know. Just call us ahead of time, and we will have your food in front of you in less than 5 minutes from the time you order.

Our Proud Name

Kokoro loosely translated means “heart”. We stand for someone’s mind, heart, spirit, soul. It points to a person’s essence, their character. It also stands for the combined psychology of the mind and the heart. It’s more than a feeling and more than a thought; it’s how everything is brought together.